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Yoga: Overcome Dismenore

Most women experience unbearable pain during the menstrual cycle. Dysmenorrhea or pain in the abdomen appears as a signal that something is happening to the body. This condition is a risk for any woman. Even though it feels routine every month, it is still overwhelming for some women because they haven’t found the right way to deal with it. Dysmenorrhea can unexpectedly interfere with daily activities. Dysmenorrhea is called mild if the pain can be tolerated without medication, moderate dysmenorrhea if you need medication, and severe dysmenorrhea if you are unable to carry out daily activities (Akbar et al., 2020). Symptoms of pain in the abdomen can begin several hours to a day before the discharge of menstrual blood (Taber, 1994).

Every woman needs comfort for her body in dealing with this situation. Therefore, this situation certainly needs to be addressed immediately. Physical activity and consumption of certain foods or drinks have been offered so far. One that has been proven successful in relieving menstrual pain is yoga (Hadianti & Ferina, 2021; Pal et al., 2022).

Yoga is useful for improving health, increasing spiritual awareness and intelligence, maintaining life harmony, and self-control systems (Wiyana et al., 2022). Yoga is a relaxation technique that has the effect of reducing abdominal cramps and increasing endorphins to increase uterine blood flow thereby reducing the intensity of dysmenorrhea pain (Cahyaningrum, 2022). Adhering to the definition of yoga offered in the Patanjali sutras, yoga is the cessation of turbulent thoughts, in which to escape all the voices in the head to realize one’s true self (Keil, 2022).

Apart from doing yoga, another thing that needs to be considered in providing comfort to the body is comfortable clothing. Fitflo is the right sportswear for yoga. Let’s start yoga!

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